About Us

We sell premium Muscle D gym commercial equipment. The forerunner company, Muscle Dynamic/Maxicam grew to be one of the pre-eminent manufacturers of commercial strength equipment. Now Muscle D provides great quality commercial gym equipment and has solved one of the problems that has long plagued the commercial fitness industry, which is the ready availability of inventory. We have least $4 million in inventory stocked in the Paramount and Long Beach warehouses. While it often takes manufacturers weeks, if not months, to ship or deliver equipment, most of our equipment is ready for immediate shipment and delivery. Muscle D equipment is designed with the same great functionality that the original Muscle Dynamics/Maxicam equipment has always been known for, but with updated designs with the latest technology.

Muscle D Equipment Lines: We have a full range of strength equipment for any type of gym application that is comparable in form and function to any of the top brands on the market. The premier multi station line includes 12, 8, 4, and 4 stack jungle gyms as well as our compact 4 stack multi station gym. The functional trainer line includes dual adjustbale pully machines and single and double stack functional trainers. The single station lines include and elite line with all of the top of the line features. We also have plate loaded lines, and the elite line is truly exceptional. We also have a full line of benches and racks.

Services: Our equipment can be ordered online and we offer free delivery in Southern California. We also offer installation services with the cost depending on the specifics of the installation. Our warehouses are open to the public by appointment. We also offer volume discounts for larger orders. Please call or text us at 714-421-6978 for a custom quote or to set up a time to visit our warehouses.